A house’s pipes are an essential aspect of the structure. Problems with these pipes are an inevitable headache for any homeowner. There are a variety of things that can cause issues with your pipes. While some problems can be solved by the homeowner, others will need the assistance of a professional plumber to make the repair. Here are four common causes of pipe repair in Anaheim, CA.

Freezing Weather

One of the most common reasons that you might experience problems with your pipes is the weather. When the temperature outside drops below 28 degrees, it can cause the water in your pipes to freeze, rupturing them. This problem occurs most frequently in unconditioned areas of the home, such as an attic or crawlspace. Anytime your pipes freeze, a professional plumber will be needed to make the repair.

Malfunctioning Pressure Regulator

The water that is provided to a home is sent in at a very high pressure. Once it reaches the home, a pressure regulator located at the meter lowers the pressure to a level that is safe for the plumbing, usually at 40 to 50 psi. There are multiple reasons why the pressure regulator may not properly lower the water pressure, including poor installation or improper adjustment. A failing pressure regulator could cause the pipe to burst, requiring the assistance of a professional plumber.

Clogged Pipes

The pipes in your home direct the water that drains away from the house. As the pipes are buried underneath the ground, debris can accumulate. Some of this debris includes leaves, sediment, and tree roots. Failure to properly clean out the pipes could cause this debris to build up over time and cause them to burst.

Corroded Pipes

There are many different materials used to construct pipes and all can become corroded over time. This usually occurs because the PH level lowers to seven or below, causing the water to become acidic. This low PH level can cause the pipes to become corroded. You can often tell that your pipes are becoming corroded as small holes will begin to appear, allowing small amounts of water to leak out. This situation will require the assistance of a professional plumber.

Experiencing problems with pipes is a nightmare situation for any homeowner. While the owner can sometimes fix these problems themselves, most will require the assistance of a professional plumber. These are some of the issues that might require a pipe repair in Anaheim, CA.

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