Driving your motorcycle on a regular basis generally results in an accumulation of debris and dirt in its air cleaner, so it’s important to understand how to clean it the right way. In addition, there are countless advantages of keeping your motorcycle air cleaner in good shape. Maintaining your air cleaner not only extends its lifespan, but it helps your motorcycle function at its peak level when on the road. Follow these basic cleaning steps to retain the condition of both your bike and air cleaner.

Get The Proper Materials

The process of cleaning your air cleaner will depend on the type and material. If you have a foam cleaner, purchase filter oil and cleaning solvent from a professional. For oiled fabric cleaners, purchase filter oil and laundry soap.

Start Cleaning

Take the air cleaner out of your motorcycle and be careful not to rip the material. When cleaning oil foam cleaners, you should put the correct amount of cleaning solution in a bucket. For oiled fabric air cleaners, you’ll want to combine your portion of cleaning solution with water and wait for it to dissolve.

Dip your air cleaner into a bucket and use your hands to extract any buildup of dust and dirt. Pressing your fingers near the middle area of the air cleaner is the best way to extract as much debris as possible. Make sure you don’t put too much pressure on the filter as you clean.

Continue this until all debris been removed from your air cleaner. Prepare a new batch of all your cleaning materials depending on what air cleaner you own each time. This includes a fresh dose of cleaning solution, oil fabric, and oil foam.

Rinse and Dry

You can dry each type of air cleaner by getting a bucket of fresh water and using your hands to rinse the material until the water cleaning solution have been removed completely. Be sure you repeat this process at least four times before letting the air cleaner dry in a clean space that is free from moisture.

Apply Oil

Applying oil to your motorcycle air cleaner after it has dried is a great way to keep it functioning optimally. You can do so with specific air cleaner oil, as well as 30w or 90w engine oil. Make sure you rub the oil on all areas of the air filter for the best results.

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