Ready-mix concrete has seen a surge in popularity in recent years as a preference to site-mix concrete. Roughly 60% of all concrete produced sells in ready-mix form. While the biggest jobs might require the pumping of site mixing, the construction industry seems to favor the readymade solution. Instead of mixing it yourself, this type comes straight from the batch plant, with cement, aggregates, and water pre-mixed to your specifications.

The most significant difference between ready-mix and normal concrete is the location where mixing occurs. You’ll receive normal concrete in its separate components, requiring you to mix it onsite. But you won’t be mixing ready mix concrete yourself. Instead, you’ll receive it pre-mixed from an offsite location the way you want it, delivered straight to you in a special vehicle to ensure its quality.

Composition and Use

A concrete arrangement isn’t complicated. Made of cement and water, it then forms into a paste that you use to coat and bind together aggregates like rocks and sand. But its creation requires perfectly blended proportions to produce a durable but workable product. And you can use it for a vast array of applications, whether it’s floors, walls, driveways, footpaths, foundations, roadways, or civil engineering projects!

Even though ready made concrete mix comes pre-prepared for you, you still need to prepare your site for when it arrives. You’ll need a place to store it, and you’ll need to make sure you have the tools and safety gear necessary to work with it to ensure a safe and professional working environment. If you have difficulty determining how much of the mix you need, you can find online concrete calculators to determine the precise amount.

Better than Normal Concrete

There are many reasons why ready-mix concrete is better than mixing your own. First, the pre-made mix uses less cement. By purchasing the exact amount that you need, no cement goes wasted when mixing it on your own. It also means needing fewer materials to complete the job. No onsite water, admixtures, aggregates, or storage vessels. And with fewer materials, you also have quicker working conditions.

When the mix comes prepared for you already, you can focus more on being more efficient in your task. With more time spent on efficiency, you’re more likely to complete a better-quality job. The mixing process leaves much room for human error. Readymade mixes remove that variable. It also eliminates the variable of trained labor dependency. The batch plants employ the specialists so that you don’t have to spend the money hiring them!

As an alternative to mixing concrete onsite, mixing ready mix concrete offers several benefits you shouldn’t overlook when needing to complete a concreting job.

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