Pain management evolved as a comprehensive discipline that uses a variety of means for helping chronic pain sufferers improve their quality of life. As more people succumb to the effects of chronic pain because of prior injuries, work stresses, or other dynamics, the need for an effective way of treating pain emerged. That led to the development of pain management clinics in Bannockburn, IL, that help patients reclaim their lives from the misery caused by persistent pain.

As more states legalize the use of medical marijuana, some pain management clinics have employed strategies for treating chronic pain that use marijuana rather than opiates or other pharmaceuticals. It offers patients many benefits for treating pain without the common side effects of other commonly prescribed substances. Read on to learn about a few reasons why marijuana is a legitimate therapeutic alternative for those suffering from pain.


While there is an assortment of opiates and other drugs available for treating pain, many of them aren’t safe to use over long periods. Opiates in particular can result in physical and mental addiction when used for long-term pain relief. They also carry some inconvenient side effects such as constipation, dizziness, and localized itching. There are also more dire adverse side effects which can be life threatening such as depressed breathing and the risk of damage to the kidneys or liver during long-term usage. Marijuana has shares none of these side effects, making it an excellent option for long-term pain management.


Marijuana used for pain management can be delivered through varied means, which makes it very convenient to use. Patients don’t have to smoke marijuana to receive its benefits. It can be smoked or inhaled as a vapor. It can also be consumed as an edible in food or as an oral spray that is absorbed into the bloodstream.


As early as the 1970s, researchers noticed that marijuana was a viable treatment option for pain. This was first noticed in cancer patients who consumed marijuana to improve appetite. Those patients often reported a significant decrease in pain after ingesting marijuana. Many studies have been done on marijuana as a pain reliever, and its efficacy is well-established. Combined with its ability to be used safely for long periods without physical dependence or life-threatening side effects, it is becoming more common in pain management circles in states with legal medical marijuana statutes.


Because marijuana is a widely available natural substance, it is affordable to procure in states where medical marijuana is legal. It’s is less costly that manufactured pharmaceutical treatment options, which makes it a viable option for long-term pain management where cost may be a concern.

If you’re interested in exploring medical marijuana as a pain management tool, visit a pain management clinic in Bannockburn, IL, to learn more about your treatment options.

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