If you are travelling to Los Angeles, you would require rent a car or shuttle to explore the place. Most of the travellers find it convenient to rent a car at the airport. Airport car rentals usually have great prices with amazing discounts. There are different websites where you could compare prices of airport and non- airport car rentals. A recent survey was conducted to check which company offers best car rental prices but not much difference was observed among the prices.

Explore the options available

You could either book a car after reaching the airport or rent it online. You will find rental car shuttles of different companies outside the baggage claim area. If you decide to go online, make sure that the companies you choose provide pick up or drop off at the airport. Some of the lesser known brands often drop or pick up from the off- airport terminal. Hence, before proceeding ahead with any company you need to check whether they drop at airport or off- airport terminal.

Checkout the famous car rental companies and their services

In this article, you will read more hiring car tips and we will be disclosing the most common car rental companies that offer affordable and lowest prices. Payless car rentals offer quite inexpensive options and amazing offers to users. They have classified discounts for the compact, economy and the intermediate classified cars.

If budget or price is an important factor while choosing a rental agency, you must keep thrifty in mind as well. Payless car rentals also provide a wildcard option to the travellers. This is a privilege where you could make and model of the car upon pickup.

Hertz offer variety of discounts and schemes for working travelers. They organize various reward programs and make frequent shuttle stops at the airport. Main aim behind Hertz is to provide an optimized solution for busy travelers as soon as they come off of their long flights. If you are a gold member, you can directly avail the facility without stopping at the counter.

What if you are a leisure traveler?

If you are a leisure traveler and looking for a luxury car on rent, thrifty is the best option to consider. It has lowest rates when it comes to luxury class. You could compare the prices of cars between Cadillac and Enterprise. Enterprise might have slightly higher rates but you are certain of getting a preferable automobile. Both the companies also provide efficient check-out process and highly advanced customer service to ensure you have a smooth travel.

Before proceeding ahead, it is always recommended to do your homework so that you do not end up paying more. Here are few points you have to consider before choosing a car rental company:

  • Check their online reviews
  • Learn about their ratings
  • Customer care support
  • Schemes and discounts
  • History in the business

Choosing a company that is in the business since past 5- 10 years is always a wise choice. They have experienced and reliable chauffeurs who understand how to handle different situations pretty well. If there is some problem with the booking or car stuck in the way, they know how to deal with such issues without disappointing their customers.

You must explore the customer ratings of the companies. Many trustworthy and reputed companies have got 4 – 5-star ratings. If customers are highly satisfied with the type of service they have got, they happily give good ratings to the company. On the other hand, if they have not got what they were expecting, you might observe 2- 3-star ratings too.

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