Games require certain strategies and skills to win. There are adventure games such as escape rooms that really require making use of your logical and analytical skills to escape the room. Many corporate organizations are encouraging such games as a team building activity to improve collaboration and boost morale of their employees.

Escape Rooms Games Are a Great Way to Mingle

Escape room games require teamwork. In this game, a group of people are locked in a room and with the help of hints, clues and puzzles, and the group needs to escape from the room. If you love adventure and making new friends, then this game is sure to be exciting for you.

Such games are a great stressbuster. It really tests your skills and patience. Everything here depends on teamwork. If you are an experienced player, you can share some valuable tips with your teammates and help them crack the puzzles or riddles. It can also help you build up on your escape strategy.

You can opt for different types of escape games. You can log into websites such as that allows you to choose from different types of rooms. You might need to contact their office and book in advance.

Pointers to be taken into Consideration

If you are new to the game, then the below tips might prove to be useful in winning:

  • Ensure that everyone actively participates in the game
  • Listen to everyone’s views and opinions
  • If you are unable to crack the puzzle, ensure that you pass it on to someone else
  • Talk to everyone in your team
  • Be patient while others try to solve the puzzles
  • Do not stick with one puzzle
  • Concentrate on the other hints or clues
  • Take time to analyze your surroundings
  • Ensure that you gather all the clues you have found to find the answer to the puzzle
  • Make use of your tips option, when you are stuck

Be Sorted and Ask Questions

The host will explain the rules of the game. In case of doubts or queries, you can clarify with the host. This will give you a better understanding of the game and improve your chances at winning. Another important thing that you might want to take into consideration is the keys. Do not put excessive pressure on the objects, if they do not fit. You might break them and they might not be of any use.

Organize all your clues and objects in one place. Any unused keys need to be placed in the center. Used keys needs to be kept in their locks. This will prevent other teammates to use the same key and waste their time.

Divide your work amongst your teammates. Split the room into different sections and inspect it thoroughly. Ensure that you leave your hands free so that you can explore stuff in the room. Similarly, if you find an object or clue, ensure that you bring it to the notice of your teammates rather than keeping it to yourself.


Winning and losing are all parts of the game. Ensure that you have fun and enjoy the overall experience.

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