Memphis as the name implies is a beautiful city. It is the second biggest city of Tennessee and is known worldwide for its contribution to mankind in the field of science, art and music. It got its name after the Egypt’s ancient capital, Memphis.  Mark Twain, the famous writer born in America called the city as ‘The Good Samaritan City of the Mississippi’.

We Are Memphis

The city is nestled in the southern side of Tennessee on the bank of the river Mississippi. It is well known for its music, museums and the civil rights history. There are many unique attractions in the city luring music fans and historians to visit the city all year long. If you are planning to visit the city, it will be helpful to know more about the wonderful city.

Here are few other things every visitor of Memphis should know:

  • Andrew Jackson is honored by the Memphis people as he is considered as the founder of the city. In early times, the place was having only a fort, a trading post and few cabins before he established Memphis as a prime spot for commerce and trade.
  • Memphis is well known for its contribution in the culinary art. The place is world famous for its barbeque sauce which is unique in flavor. Every year in Memphis barbeque contest is participated by renowned chefs from all over the world.
  • The famous Memphis Pyramid one of the uniquely styled Egyptian architectural wonders built in the beginning of 90s was a sports avenue. Presently, it is a hotel and Bass Pro Shops megastore. Another attraction is the tallest freestanding elevator 320 feet tall.
  • The first Rock n Roll record composed by Jackie Brenston was done in The Sun Studio in the year 1951. The city is famous as a place where many famous musicians took their first steps in music like Johnny Cash known to be sales man working in Memphis before he became a great musician.
  • Graceland, the place of Elvis, the king of Rock and Roll is one of the most visited places by music lovers as well as by tourists. His mansions are the most visited private homes in America next to the White House. Originally, the property was owned by a newspaper publisher who named the gorgeous mansion ‘Grace’ after his daughter but was not changed even after Elvis bought from him.
  • Visitors to the city enjoy live music played by world famous musical groups every year in the Annual Cooper Young festivals. There are even art sales, food zone and craft beer to enjoy while dancing to the tune of music.
  • Memphis is even home to the most pampered ducks in the world. The five star hotel ‘The Peabody’ started to have few ducks in the fountain of the hotel lobby. Guests of the hotel loved the ducks that gradually became the nestling of numerous ducks enjoying the long session of swimming in the awesomely styled Italian fountain.

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