Vinegar rice prepared with salt and sugar is named as sushi. It is served with other ingredients and side dishes. Majorly, Japanese prefer seafood and fresh fish as side dishes. Most of the food are eaten raw or grilled which is healthy as their nutrient values are intact. There are various ways of presenting sushi as a dish. However, the traditional sushi is prepared with medium size white rice.

Is sushi Japanese, Korean or Chinese? Well, sushi originated in Southeast Asia and was called narezushi. Fresh fish was preserved in fermented rice for winter days. This way, during winter season people could eat fish and discard rice. The fermented rice helped in preserving the favor and freshness of fish. Later in the 16th Century in Japan the same dish was given the name of sushi which means sour tasting where instead of throwing away sour dish people used to consume it as well.

Sushi is now worldwide famous, but its ingredients vary depending upon the state and culture. The main ingredient which is vinegar rice remains the same, but the wrap and other stuffing vary accordingly. People can taste different kinds of sushi in various restaurants. This means they don’t have to explore an authentic Japanese restaurant to know the flavor.

Here are different names for different flavors of sushi provided below –

  • Makizushi is a seaweed roll that is stuffed with rice, pickle cucumber and fresh tuna. It is either thin or thick which are cut in small pieces so that it can be eaten easily.
  • Gunkan maki is thick and wide roll of nori seaweed that is filled with rice and at the top there is enough space to fill ingredients like salmon, sea urchin, crab brain, tuna belly, green salad, potato salad, squid etc.
  • Temaki is cone shaped seaweed sheet filled with simple ingredients like sweet omelet, squid with natto or without it, negitoro or a paste of shiso leaf and pickled plum.
  • Narezushi is the oldest and authentic sushi form where fish is preserved in fermented rice for months although the rice was removed before eating fish, but the fish remained fresh for a longer time.
  • Nigiri is a quick snack which has cylindrical shaped rice ball pressed with hands included with toppings like sea food, fish, vegetables, leafy vegetables, salad , pickle omelet, meat, tofu etc. major ingredients are dipped in vinegar  or soy sauce to give a sour taste to the dish.
  • Oshizushi is a fusion of rice and other elements like fish and meat which is pressed in rectangular form and then cut in squares or rectangular shape. Further the toppings are added which can be leafy vegetables, or anything that suits your taste.
  • Sasazushi is another form of sushi in which rice and toppings like vegetables, mushrooms, walnuts, bamboo shoots, omelet, salmon or miso are stuffed and rolled in bamboo leaf.
  • Kakinoha zushi is a different version of sushi where kaki (persimmon) leaf is used to roll rice and ingredients like fish, eel, prawn, salmon or mackerel.
  • Temari is a small ball of rice made by rolling and pressing in between palms, which is topped with sea food, fish, and any other ingredient of your choice. This is a quick snack which is generally carried by families in gatherings and family outings.
  • Chirshizushi is a bowl full of vinegar rice that is topped with ingredients like prawn, salmon, cucumber, omelet, squid etc.
  • Inari zushi is a deep fried tofu pouch that is filled with vinegar rice and different ingredients like mushroom, prawns, omelet, chives or squid.

Sushi is a dish of meat and sea food, but there are people who prefer it with only vegetables. In such case they fill the wrap with vinegar rice and all sorts of vegetables. As long as sushi tastes wonderful it can be eaten in any form.

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