Do you want toned thighs but don’t want to sweat it out at the gym? Do you want a flatter tummy but do not want to give up your favourite burger? Do you want a peachier bottom but don’t have time to do the squats? Looks like there is one thing that can help you to achieve your desired figure without giving up on your beloved things.

Body Sculpting has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. The Kardashians, the royal family of Hollywood, too have endorsed this technique and hence it has become one of the most sought-after surgeries related to fat loss. Here are a few things you should know about this treatment:

  1. Destruction of Fat Cells without surgery.

This procedure uses various methods to remove the fat cells. They can range from freezing the cells to applying heat to them. Heat application can be done by either ultrasound therapy or they may use radiofrequency. You will receive a well sculpted figure after a few sessions.

  • CoolSculpting – As the name suggests, CoolSculpting uses low temperature to work on the fat cells, freezing them away. The idea for CoolSculpting came from little kids who used to enjoy sucking on ice popsicles for long period of time. This led to the fat in their cheeks being lost which was further researched upon to come up with this technique. Your desired area of action gets blasted with a suction vacuum and the fat gets frozen up to -11 or until they begin to crystallise. This may be applied all over the body.
  • SculpSure – This is the opposite of CoolSculpting as it involves treating the fat cells with heat waves by using penetrative laser that destroys the structure of the cells forcing the body to eliminate them. This requires the physician to place a device around the targeted area which fires laser into your skin.
  • UltraShape – This involves the use of Ultrasound or a mechanical vibration to break down your cells. The technician will move around your body with a device. This technique is most common for treating your abdominal area.
  • truSculp or Vanquish – The technique targets water present inside the cells and then destroys the fat cells by heating them.
  1. They do not require anaesthesia.

The entire procedure takes about 25 to 30 minutes to complete and does not require anaesthesia. There is very slight pain, but it is easily bearable.

  1. There is no downtime after the procedure.

Post-treatment, you don’t need to wait to return to your daily activities. There are no adverse effects of the surgery except for a few red spots at the treated area which will disappear over a few weeks. Tingling sensation or cramps may be felt for a while after the operation but that is just your body adjusting to the new cells and these effects are short-lived.

Body Sculpting is a breakthrough technology which has now opened the door for people to achieve their dream body painlessly. Do consult your doctor to see if you can be a candidate for this miracle technique and get the best body today!

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