Often many new customers when they visit any strip club are totally unaware about the etiquette in such club. The basic idea for these clubs is certainly to enjoy the new experience as much as possible.

However, if you are visiting adult clubs near me then just read few do’s and don’ts if you are ready for special celebration or looking for new experience about the vibe of strip club.


  1. Tip your waiters, bartenders and dancers.

All of them are here to ensure that you get enjoyable and luxurious experience. However, also remember that they are here to make little extra money too.

All these service people expect some tips from you and you must not deny them, even if the waiter is little rude to you. Due to work pressure perhaps, they did not have enough energy to be nice to you as usual.

  1. Know your bartender or dancer

Some of these bartenders or dancer may be regulars in such club and in case you visit regularly then they become known face to you whom you may sometimes meet outside too.

You need not develop any friendship with them but can exchange greetings if you ever happen to meet outside the club. Quite possible some of them may be supporting same basketball team that you support. You may get special treatment next time.

  1. Enjoy the ambience.

All of us visit here for unwinding after hard day of working.  You can enjoy the surroundings take your drink and food. Also watch the games along with these girls.

Sometime you may give a smile to dancers and other workers too. If you give cold look to them then they may also feel little uncomfortable.

For first time visitors it may be little confusing but soon you will begin to enjoy the atmosphere.


  1. Ask dancer’s mobile number or real name

Quite a few of them are regular here and also may be married or having relationships too. Dancers also have their name given by the club for their anonymity and safety. So, don’t try to know their real name or try to get their personal number.

  1. Sexual experience from dancers

Don’t ask these dancers for any sexual favor after their shift as most of them may not accept the offer. Also, they don’t prefer to spoil the reputation of the club by indulging in illegal activities.

These strip clubs are just meant for selling fantasy or an idea but don’t try to make it a reality. Even asking for sex by offering large money is also not acceptable here.

  1. Assume anything about the dancers.

It is very common thing to assume that all these girls are part-time prostitutes or sex workers who are trying to earn extra bucks. Many also think that they are the outlet for supplying drugs.

However, the reality is that most of them are working here to pay their tuition fees in college and they have their own personal goals in life.

So, if you are visiting these clubs then just enjoy your moment as it will help you to unwind after hard work all day.

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