It has now become necessary to have an expert for your accident because even the insurance professionals and lawyers are unable to find the main reason for the accident in certain cases. It becomes very difficult to list out the main cause which led to the accident.

Some of the reasons why you require an expert in your case of accident are:

Limit of an eyewitness

An eyewitness might have seen the entire accident scene on sight but he/she might not be able to explain it properly. Plus, in this case, there also exists the possibility of a fake eye witness which an opposition can put up in front of you. Eyewitnesses are also not baled to memorize the entire incident as it happens. This is because the memory becomes foggy, and unreliable due to the sudden occurrence of the incident.

Differing opinions

You need an expert because no matter the side which you support in an accident, the opponents would always try and undermine your conclusions and their credibility. Hence, with crash forensics, the chances are better of winning the case and undermining the opponent.

If your expert is well-trained, he/she can well portray your innocence in front of the judge. It is all a matter of scientific principles and a better expert can help you in efficiently managing it.

There are some experts who think only from the point of view of the defendants. This difference in opinion can be attacked by the opposition and hence, you need an expert to take care of your interest in the case.

Sources used

An expert makes use of various sources to picture and come to a conclusion about the accident. Some of these are:

  • The marks of tire leading to loss of brakes or swerving when the initial impact took place.
  • Specifications of the vehicle, like its weight, braking system, dimensions, etc.
  • Factors like the friction coefficient and the off-roadway and roadway surface.
  • Gouge marks on the vehicle which indicate the area which covers the initial impact of the vehicle.
  • Data stored on modules of the car like braking, speed, steering, etc.
  • The metal crush after the accident which helps in calculating the car’s speed during the point of initial contact with the other vehicle.
  • The final place of the car after the accident took place. This tells us about how long and far did the car travel after the impact. This also gives an idea of the speed of the car.
  • Human hair, blood, skin, etc. on the seats, trim, airbags, windows, etc.

Hence, all these sources are certain things which only an expert can look after in the lab and give you a detailed report of the entire accident accordingly. No ordinary person can identify these sources which lead to the crash.


Due to all these reasons mentioned above, you must consider hiring an expert for your accident reconstruction process. This will help you in getting the right judgment and also make the facts much clearer.

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