The popularity of emotional support animals has increased tremendously in recent days. The college students especially are fascinated by these emotional support animals. We all know that college days can be a little stressful.

We will have assignments to complete, go to lab, prepare for exams and this list goes on when we speak about our college days. You could get an emotional support animal (ESA) to get rid of stress and anxiety. Mentioned below is the list of some important things that you should know before getting an ESA.

  • Remember, both ESA and service animals are different from each other. Service animals generally perform the duties which their owners cannot do because of their disability problem. Whereas an ESA provides emotional support to their owners. Both the ESAs and service animals share some legal privileges.
  • There are some misconceptions around the ESAs among people that they have to pay a certain amount as fee to get their animal certified as an ESA. Do you really think that this is true? This is not at all true. In order to get your pet certified as an ESA what you have to do is take an official note from a mental health professional or therapist in your location.

If you don’t know any therapists in your location then take the help of online websites. There are a lot of sites that earn money by charging a high cost to get your animal certified as an ESA. However, the sad part is that most of them do not provide a valid certification to your pet. Hence, you have to make sure that you do proper research before using the services of any such websites.

  • If you are planning to get an ESA then you should make sure that you do not keep the essential oils like pine oils, tea tree oil and etc which are commonly used in diffusers in your home. This is because these essential oils can be poisonous to pets especially for dogs. Remember, you should create a safe environment in your home for your ESA.
  • If you are planning to buy an ESA then remember it can actually involve some cost. This is because ESA that you are planning to buy must be trained on certain things to ensure that it does not cause any harm to people around you i.e. your neighbors, friends, relatives and etc.

Which animals can be certified as ESAs?

An emotional support animal need not necessarily be a dog. In fact, it can be either a pig or a cat or a monkey or any bird. How to register an emotional support animal? Is it your question now? If ‘yes’ then take the help of Support Pets. If you are looking for instant ESA approval then Support Pets would be your perfect choice. The doctors at the Support Pets are licensed professionals and they review your request and then send you approval. Once you get the ESA approval you need not pay any extra fee to fly with your ESA.

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