If the present society, comprising of music stars, high fashion, and movie characters are not your style and you want to go back to the glorious days of 1980s, then this article is for you.

Here, we will provide you the best consumes of the 1990s to once again celebrate those golden old days. Whether you want a perfect 80’s costume for the 80s themed party or a Halloween party, or to enjoy a treat with your family, these 1980s themed outfits will surely grab the eyeballs of people everywhere you go.

80S Workout and Neon Costumes

There are awesome workout and neon costumes that would make a style statement at the gym. These are the great outfits for perfect neon themed and Halloween themed parties.

Costumes.La is one of the best places to find a wide range of cool 80s costumes. Some of the best 80’s themed costumes are flash dance costumes, Cyndi Lauper 1980’s outfits, Michael Jackson costumes, Madonna 80’s costumes, 80’s fashion accessories, 80’s outfits, 80’s costumes and a lot more.  

80S Music Star Costumes

Are you fond of the iconic music stars like Micheal Jackson, Madonna, Freddie Mercury, etc. of the 1980’s? If that so, then try wearing costumes of their style and dressing like them to feel and emulate their amazing bravado and charisma on stage.

Gather all your friends who admire the legendary 80’s music stars and celebrate a Halloween party in this special way. Whether you love rock music, pop music or hip-hop music, there is no other way to recreate those moments and celebrate1980’s themed Halloween party by dressing as your favorite music performers.

The Village People Group Costume

If the village life of 1980s inspires you, then why not bring those times again into reality by dressing in the same way as people of that time used to dress. Some of the varieties of 1980’s village costumes are cowboy costume, police costume, native costume, construction worker costume, biker costume, sailor costume and many more.

It will be great fun watching your friends dressed up in varied cool 80’s costumes to bring the old 80’s village culture in the present time. Click some perfect group pictures with your friends and post it on Instagram and other social media websites to create an unforgettable Halloween night out.

TV/Movie character costumes

Before the era of the smartphone and social media, a majority of source for entertainment was movies and television. Blockbuster movies like ET, Ghostbusters and Back to the Future are prevalent even in today’s time. So, if you are a fan of those movies and still want to laugh, or nod with your friends, then you must try the costumes that were worn by performers in those movies or television serials.

Some of the most popular 1980’s television and movie character costumes that you can consider for your party are Adult Ghostbusters costume, Adult E.T. Elliot costume, Marty Mcfly costume, Alf Adult costume, Inspector Gadget Men’s costume, E.T. Toddler costume, etc.


If you are crazy for the 80’s style and wish to once again relive those moments again, then try these cool and unique costumes to make your celebration memorable.

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