Our Responsibility

As a responsible citizen of our country, I consider this as our very own responsibility to look after our veterans. For that matter of fact, Volunteers of America have considered their duty to look after the veterans. We want a stable transitional living environment and look after every individual case ourselves and prove to be the best of our capabilities. Our aim is to provide independent housing along with employment to the veterans. Therefore we have established veteran housing in Indiana.


Different Programs

Our veteran housing in Indiana is spread throughout the state. We are located in three cities; fort Wayne, INDIANAPOLIS, and MARION. We provide homes for homeless veterans under different programs. We have apartments in these five cities, assuring a shelter for any homeless veteran. We have a plan in The Richard Lugar Safe Haven, which is located in Fort Wayne. The program is a “Housing First” program under its flexible rules; there is no requirement of an initial sobriety/substance-free living. Also, in Brandon hall in Indianapolis, their program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).


Long-term employment

To break free from the dilemma of homelessness, we need to finish the culture of unemployment. So for that, our veteran housing in Indiana provides training services along with job readiness, so we are able to assure long-term employment to our veterans. Under that, we have a program of homeless veteran employment program, which is located in the Veterans Resource Center, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis. Our utmost goal is to make the veterans self-sufficient by providing them long-term employment. In our services, we have included job-readiness skill development, resume writing, job searching, placement, and coaching; career clothing; transportation; and referrals to community resources. We have a different program for female veterans and veterans with families.


Our Commitment

“Go wherever we are needed and do whatever comes to hand,” this is the pledge of Ballington and Maud Booth when they first came up with Volunteers of America back in 1896. We have still withheld to these words over the past century, our scheme of veteran housing in Indiana is always dedicated to looking after the needs of homeless, families, veterans, men and women returning from prison, and the elderly in our community through comprehensive employment, housing, and behavioral health services. Our workforce commitments are what have made the foundations of our organization even stronger, in which we have hundreds of employees, volunteers, and partners working toward real change.

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