When a student wants to take admission for bachelor or master’s course then GPA number will become very important for them. GPA, which is Grade Point Average, will reflect your performance and how well you had scored during earlier studies.

Your GPA will vary from 1.0 to 4.0 and it will indicate whether you scored high or low in your class. Based on this score, you will be assessed during enrolling for your degree courses.

How your GPA will work?

The concept of GPA is same like the way you have been graded by your teachers when you were in school for evaluating your performance. The same criteria will also be used when you decide to go for higher studies in the university.

Your average GPA score will be the number which will show what you had typically scored during your classes all throughout the semester.

Based on your performance, your GPA may be high or low while you are studying at the university all the year and may change based upon how much improvement you have done to get your overall grade.

GPA and grading systems

Every country in the world has their own way to grade their students, which may vary on different parameters. Before deciding the GPA, it is necessary to understand the grading systems of various countries.

As an example, the grading system of the following countries is as follows:

  • Countries like Canada, USA, Saudi Arabia and Thailand grade their students based on A to F
  • In countries like Colombia, Israel, Latvia and Netherland grade their students on 1 to 10 level
  • In countries like Austria, Germany, Paraguay, Russia and Slovakia students are graded in scale of 1 to 5
  • In countries like Belgium, Hungary, Kuwait and Poland students are graded based on percentage

Therefore, GPA has been designed to evaluate students of various countries in the same level.

How GPA is calculated?

Each college GPA calculator can be different based on their evaluating system. However, a quality point will be denoted by either some grade, percentage or scale.

Let us take an example where a student has taken following three courses:

  • Biology with 2 credits
  • Mathematics with 2 credits
  • English with 3 credits.in

Now suppose you have scored C in Biology, B in Mathematics and A in English. In GPA scale C will be 2.0, B will be 3.0 and A will be 4.0.

Now if we multiply your grade with credits then

In biology will be 2 multiplied by 2 = 4

In Mathematics will be 2 multiplied by 3 = 6

In English will be 3 multiplied by 4 = 12.

Therefore, your GPA will be total score i.e. 4+6+12= 22 divided by your total credits i.e. 2+2+3=7 which is 22/7 = 3.14.

How To maintain high GPA?

It is not too easy to maintain higher GPA all throughout and therefore it is necessary that students should try to score maximum grade during start of the course when subjects are easier.

As you progress further the course will get tougher and you will not be able to maintain higher grade.

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