There are two main factors that are responsible for increasing sales in an organization. Optimization and screening help in increasing your sales for business through Google Ads. Whether you are a seasoned website marketing professional, or a newbie, we have compiled a few effective Google tips to implement in your existing optimization strategy.

Use Negative Keywords in your marketing strategy

Most of the business marketing professionals overlook the potential of negative keywords in the business. It is the highly powerful elements of the Google Advertisement campaigns that ensure that you remove searchers that are not appropriate to your niche, and products. Negative keywords are useful for a business in the below ways:

  • Prevent spending on keywords that don’t yield return. In this way, it improves ROIs in your business.
  • Ensure searchers only see relevant ads to what they are looking for
  • Increase the chances of more amount of targeted traffic, that, in turn, results in improved conversion potential
  • Enhances the performance of the ad campaigns

To increase your business sales via Google Ads, add negative keywords to your marketing campaigns that have low metrics. Aiad is a leading Google Adwords management agency that operates in Sydney, Australia. The experienced marketing professionals at this firm offer remarkable Google advertising services to help businesses grow.  

Sources of negative keywords

Now that you have known the potential of negative keywords, it is important to find the places where you would get them. Below are some of the places where there are higher chances of finding them.

  • Use the autocomplete feature of Google
  • Use Googles suggest for your keyword

Review and Update the Keyword Match

The next step for keyword optimization of Google Ads is to check the different kinds of keyword matches for the campaigns. Keyword matching tells Google about the relevancy of the search term for the ad. So, it displays the ads properly.

It is important that Google Ads contain various campaigns that use different types of keyword matches to fit an objective or strategy of a campaign.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Another important means to improvise your marketing campaigns is to ensure that your website gets more targeted traffic. This will help in testing and adding long-tail keywords that imply long-tail keywords that have less competition and greater possibilities of conversion that helps in reducing Click per Cost, and increasing sales.

There are different methods to find long-tail keywords. It can be due to either Google’s autocomplete, or Google links “ahrefs”, and other types of keyword research tools.

Remove Duplicate Keywords

Many times, businesses that are growing their Google Ads campaign while optimizing as well as adding keywords, often forget to eliminate duplicate keywords. Such redundancy of keywords negatively impacts the Quality Score and also leads to unnecessarily spend your budget.


Without proper knowledge and direction, you may find Google Advertisement optimization to be an overwhelming experience. All these useful tips will assist you in improving sales in the business.

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