Getting yourself admitted in some of the reputed colleges in the State is like making your dream a reality. In doing so, you need to prepare hard to clear the admission tests. If you plan on attending California State University Long Beach (CSULB), then you need to get good scores in your GPA, and SAT/ACT tests.

Focusing on Your Tests Scores

CSULB have three major criteria when it comes to their admission requirement. You need to pass all the three tests before you can land an admission here. The first is your acceptance rate. The competition is quite tough here. The acceptance rate in CSULB is approximately 31.2%. If you aim to study in this university, you need to plan well in advance.

The university is quite strict when it comes to accepting prospective students. If you are still in school, this is a great opportunity to improve your scores and be amongst the 31.2% population. The second is your GPA score. Your CSULB average GPA score should be in between 3.56 to 3.74. If you need more information about the GPA requirements for CSULB, then you can check online websites such as that give you detailed information about the same.

This website gives you complete details about the importance of GPA and what is the best score that you can get to get admitted in CSULB. It also gives you a comparative analysis about the different tests based on past three years.

If your GPA score is low, then you can compensate for the difference by getting a good SAT score. SAT exams are pretty competitive so you might need to burn the midnight oil to match the admission criteria for CSULB. In order to be eligible for CSULB, your SAT score need to be between 1045 to 1147 or more. In the case of ACT, your score needs to be approximately 55 or above.

If you think that if you excel in all the three tests, you are assured an admission in CSULB, then you have the wrong perception. This university also considers a variety of factors such as:

  • The difficulty level of your courses
  • Your participation in extracurricular activities
  • Letter of recommendations
  • Your application introduction letter

Improving Your Chances to Get In

If you are still in school, there is a great chance that you can still improve your chances at getting admitted into CSULB. Some useful tips would be:

  • Volunteer for summer jobs
  • Take active part in extracurricular activities
  • Do something that gives back to your local community
  • Ensure that you prepare your application well in advance
  • Do not wait for the last minute to submit your application
  • Try to get letters of recommendations from you teachers

You can even try talking to your counselor on what subjects you can take up to improve your GPA scores. You need to spend some time and effort for preparing for your admission into CSULB.


If getting into CSULB was your dream, then you might want to work hard to make it happen. Be realistic in achieving your goals and prepare accordingly.

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