It is a dream of every student to study in a college that not only provides the best academics but also has a good atmosphere.

It is essential to choose the right college as the coming four years of academics are very precious. Campusreel makes the task easier for you. It provides the details of all the major universities across the US right from the admission procedure to the cut-off details of entrance exams. You get all the details of Ole Miss requirements if this is the university you dreamt of, at mere a click of a button.

This guide is broadly divided into three categories namely

(a) Academics

(b) Atmosphere

(c) External activities

(a) Academics:

Ole Miss is a very reputed and wonderful institution to attend. Based on the recent studies, out of the top 5 degree courses in the nation, 2 courses are of the University. The university has many degrees to offer, that will challenge your potential. The below statistics are self-explanatory.

  • The average GPA score of this university is 3.6 which might rise to 3.78 as per the application readers reports.
  • The acceptance rate is 78.73% and is getting tougher to get into the university.
  • To top it all, the SAT score in the 75th percentile is 1230 whereas the ACT is 60 for 2019.

Once you are in, you get a warm welcome from professors who have a friendly nature and support you to provide a bright future.

(b) Atmosphere:

Ole Miss is located in the southern part where you can explore the southern lifestyle. You will get the small town vibes as you enter the university. You will feel as if you have come back to your home. The traditional values and kindness are intact in local people here.

(c) External activities:

  •   Sports

Ole Miss is known for football games. It has amazing football ground and people to cheer every win. There are events for baseball and basketball lovers. You will enjoy the ultimate game experience for any of the sporting events.

  •  The Grove

The Grove gives all that you have been looking for tailgating. The southern attire, white linens, and WOC – Walk of Champions – the perfect way not only for football events but other concerts, events and student activities.

  •  Literary town:

Ole Miss is located in a place that is the house of Oxfords. The Square has the largest chain of book stores – a perfect place for bookies and readers.

  •  Dorms

It is only in Ole Miss, where you will find the creativity reflected in every dorm. You can find the dorms with reminiscent of a prison cell or any customized décor co-ordination.

  •  School spirit

The school spirit is something that you won’t find at any other place except in Ole Miss. It is always high and students love to be a part of the college and recognize the importance of being an Ole Miss.

  •  Greek Life and the Clubs

The Greek life as it says – is the best in Ole Miss. You get the identity and love to play your part with fraternities or sororities. The nightlife is open for the students to enjoy though with restrictions.

Ole Miss is the house to many clubs in which anyone can be a part of it. Students enjoy volunteering in the events without any compulsion.

To conclude, Ole Miss has nothing you can miss in it. It is the perfect package of academics, entertainment, atmosphere to charge-up for your future life.

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