Surgical masks are those that are used by doctors or nurses when treating the patients to prevent the spread of germs that may be there in their droplets. In some countries people wear this all through the year to save themselves from the airborne diseases and pollution. After coronavirus there is huge shortage of these surgical masks.

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If you are affected by fever or cold wearing a mask will help reduce the spread of infection. When you go out wearing a mask will protect you when others sneeze or cough.

If you are treating the patients with respiratory problems like common cold, SARS or Corona, you should wear a mask to save yourself from germs that is in their droplets when they sneeze, cough or talk.

Wearing a mask when not needed is pointless. It’s a waste of money and material. So, use them efficiently. Improper wearing and disposing of masks may not serve the purpose of mask and on the contrary, it may lead to spreading of infection.

While wearing a mask:

  • Ensure, with clean hands, that there are no gaps and you cover nose and mouth entirely without any gap.
  • Never use the single use masks again and avoid using cloth masks which is not an effective way of protecting from infectious germs.
  • You can wear a disposable mask until it becomes damp. While removing your mask, remove the ties or loops without touching the front part. Fold it and roll it and tie it if you want, and put the mask either in Ziplock bag or garbage carry bag and dispose it. Improper disposing may be hazardous to others who touch it.
  • Even if you have touched the front part where the secretions are there, wash your hands with soap and water.
  • If you want to reuse the mask, ensure it is in good condition. If the layers are not humid and not torn you can use it for two to three days and be sure others are not using your mask. Use desiccating gel to keep the mask dry.

However, it doesn’t mean that wearing a mask alone will save you from infectious diseases. You should also incorporate other hygiene etiquettes like keeping your hands clean with soap and water or alcohol-based rub if there is water scarcity.

When sneezing or coughing use tissues and dispose them in the waste baskets properly. Once there is a respiratory excretion, wash your hands immediately. Take care not to touch your eyes or mouth or nose before you wash your hands.

With the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, it becomes necessary to save ourselves from the dangerous virus. From the studies available it is found that the germs in droplets of the affected person will be effective within one meter. Avoid gathering at one place to keep the infection at bay. Maintain social distancing to stay safe.

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