Should we wear any mask or should we not? People were living with this dilemma for quite some time till recently CDC advised people to use masks recently. Ever since people have started covering their face with cloth masks.

Confusion started when federal government had instructed public to stop buying surgical masks supplied by customer earth promos, as masks are not effective in preventing coronavirus. Healthcare providers were finding shortages of these masks.

Since CDC is again asking people to wear cloth masks and not surgical variants or N95 respirators, because they are meant only for medical staff.

Therefore, to remove all these confusion among the general public here are the answers of few common questions that you may have regarding coronavirus as well as masks.

  • When should we wear a mask?

CDC is now telling public to wear masks where social isolation is not possible, however children below 2 years need not wear masks as they may not be able to breathe.

  • What type of mask should we use?

People can use any mask that are made of ordinary cloth and that are made at home too, but avoid using masks that are meant for medical workers.

  • Can a mask protect us from getting Covid-19?

Simply wearing masks will not ensure complete protection from COVID-19, and one must regularly wash their hands and keep good hygiene. Masks will prevent only in catching droplets if someone sneezes or coughs.

  • Do we need a mask while walking/running in open air?

It is really not needed if you are alone however if you wear masks while moving alone then it will also encourage other people to use masks. Masks are really meant where social distancing is impossible.

  • How do we make a mask?

You can make your own masks that can cover your nose and mouth and comfortably tied with your ear. There must be multiple layer of cloths to prevent any droplets.

  • Why enough medical masks are not available?

Answer is simple, there is insufficient supply against such huge demand as masks were generally meant for the use of medical professionals only. Sudden increase of demand has caused shortage of masks in the market.

  • Why not we get some medical masks for us if they are better?

Actually, it is more important for medical workers to wear these medical masks as they are dealing with their patients that general public do not have to.

  • If masks are really so great, then why CDC is now telling this?

CDC has officially acknowledged their change in stance due to changing evidence. CDC was in fact against wearing masks for everyone but it became quite evident that masks can prevent asymptomatic transmission of viruses of COVID-19.

For common public, it is difficult to know who is the affected person as incubation period of the virus is about 3 to 4 days.

  • How can we donate masks to various health care workers?

Since there is dire shortage of these medical masks for those people who really need it to protect themselves. People who have stocked such masks with them can donate then visit or #GetUsPPE.

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