Cannabis sativa, which is also known as industrial hemp, is one of the common strains of cannabis plant from which we extract hemp and cannabidiol. Cannabis Indica is another common strain which is used for extracting marijuana. 

While industrial hemp has lesser amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and high amount of CBD, Cannabis Indica has higher amounts of THC. That is why hemp cultivation is made legal in some countries. 

CBD products are gaining popularity in the market because of its numerous health benefits. CBD is promising in treating various health and skin conditions. Many people are benefiting from CBD skincare products for various issues related to skin.

Hemp CBD products are non-psychoactive, they don’t give you the high effect. Since the level of THC, the psychoactive compound, is less than 0.3% in hemp derived CBD. You can even get pure form of CBD in the form of CBD isolate and Broad-spectrum CBD. In Full-spectrum CBD form there will be traces of THC but that level cannot give you the high effect. 

Benefits Of CBD Oil For Skin

The anti-inflammatory property of CBD is beneficial in treating acne prone skin, which is a result of inflammation on skin. And CBD also controls the production of sebum, which is the main culprit of acne. 

CBD calms the skin and soothes the itchiness and redness that is caused by dermatitis, a common skin problem, without causing any negative effects.

The antioxidant property of CBD is helpful in reducing the aging sign like wrinkles, dullness, in your skin and it is a natural anti-bacterium, that is safe for your skin against pathogens. 

Environmental pollutions are always causing damage to all types of skin. By using CBD oil, you can keep everything in check. 

However, controversies are still there since not enough research is done on human to prove the efficiency of CBD. More than that, there are not enough regulations on labelling CBD products, that makes unscrupulous sellers to market their adulterated products. 

When you buy CBD skincare product, see the label for cannabidiol. Any other term means, it doesn’t contain the mentioned amount of CBD. You can ask the brand, an evidence for third-party certification, for purity check. 

DIY CBD Skincare 

Most skincare products available contains a number of chemical emulsifiers, preservatives etc., which can harm our skin. Now it is easy to prepare your own CBD infused skincare product. By doing your own product you can ensure that it contains only CBD and nothing else. At the same time, it can be more affordable to you. 

CBD topicals are not greasy or oily when you use it and they are well absorbed by our skin. All you need is, any form of CBD, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or CBD isolate, and a carrier oil like jojoba oil, avocado oil, olive oil. You can use the same amount of CBD that is mentioned in the label of some genuine CBD skincare products.

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