Almost more than 200 million people in the world are cannabis users. However, there may be many who may never have used cannabis, who may even not be aware of the smoking etiquette.

People can enjoy marijuana within the community setting, where you can create new friendships or strengthen your existing ones. While smoking in public or social circles, you must conduct yourself well.

Also, if you are new to smoking, then you must be aware of a few etiquettes. You can buy all your smoke-related items from an online smoke shop and prefer to buy stuff supplied by Express smoke shop.

Also, note the following unwritten rules when you are smoking in a group.

  1. Never cling to the joint 

Avoid clinging to your joints. You must be aware that you are smoking in a group. Consider the presence of others!

  1. Bring your stuff to share

While buying marijuana, you will understand that it is quite expensive. Therefore you must bring some of your stuff and share it in the group.

  1. Asking for Joints 

Avoid asking for joints again and again, unless the person to whom you are asking is a very close and intimate friend of yours.

  1. Never force someone uninterested to consume

Weed can be great to smoke, but everyone may not feel so. Therefore, if someone is uninterested in marijuana vaping, then do not force him.

  1. Always remove stems and seed

There is no need to hang on the seed unless you are planning about growing your marijuana crop.

  1. Be honest if you cannot roll a joint 

It is difficult to roll a good joint because it requires lots of practice. So, if you don’t know, admit it without hesitation.

  1. Offer guests to take the first hit

If you are the host, then as a courtesy, you must always allow your guests to take the initial hit.

  1. Never torch the whole bowl

Always a green hit is the best one, so don’t keep it for yourself. Rather than burning the whole bowl surface, light only a small corner to allow the next person to enjoy the green hit.

  1. Admit if you are sick

In case you are feeling sick, admit it.

  1. Never hog the weed

Instead of hanging with the weed joint, try to complete your story and pass it to others.

  1. Clear the chamber

It is essential to clear the chamber of bong or pipe or else it may stink.

  1. Never blow the smoke on someone’s face

It is rude and inconsiderate to release smoke on someone’s face. It could also cause bad vibes.

  1. Avoid passing an ashed bowl

If you are very sure that know it has already cashed, then ash the bowl, then pass the bowl back to its owner instead of passing it to others.

  1. Be gracious

Such smoke sessions offer a great way to make friends and know them on a more personal level, hence be gracious.

  1. Make everyone feel comfortable

Be careful and avoid passing judgment on any people and remember everyone may respond to marijuana differently.

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