Lighting accents neatly suspended over your dining table creates a striking appeal in your home. When you invite your guests for a formal dinner, a perfectly personalized lighting fixture can speak volumes about your taste in life.

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Steps to help you create a perfect chandelier

With more textures, shapes, and styles available in the market, it can be confusing. Let’s give you some steps that you can use as a starting point to get started in designing your own dining room lighting fixtures:

  1. Establish a sense of style
  • Your chandelier should match the generalized vibe of your space.
  • You cannot place a traditional crystal chandelier in a more casual and modern setting.
  • For a countryside vibe, choose a farmhouse chandelier or for a more formal setting, choose geometric designs.
  1. Choose the right finish that will define your space
  • The finish of your light fixtures is essential to impart a more thematic appeal.
  • Go for chrome and polished finish in modern rooms.
  • Eclectic rooms go well with wooden finishes.
  • Use bronze finish in your chandeliers if your space is more traditional.
  • A trendy chic room allows space for pieces of all styles.
  1. Choose an appropriate size to fit your dining room perfectly
  • Your chandelier should always be the right size so as to not look cramped up in a small size or disappear in a large room.
  • Rule of thumb is to choose a light fixture 10-12 inches smaller than the dining table width.
  1. Select the shape of your chandelier
  • The chandelier should complement the dining table as well as the shape of your room.
  • Do not put a large round chandelier over a rectangular table.
  • If you want a contrast in the shapes, select smaller and multiple pieces over one large centrepiece.
  • A long dining table goes well with large centrepiece chandeliers.
  1. Hanging style of the chandelier

Now that you have creates a stylish piece by incorporating the tips given above, your final step is to correctly hang the chandelier in your dining room.

  • Center the chandelier perfectly over the dining table.
  • It should have a space of at least 30 inch from the top of the table. Add 3 inches of space for a foot increase in the height of the ceiling.
  • If your dining table is not placed centrally in the room, arrange the chandelier above the table and not in the center of the room.

Create an intimate dining room atmosphere for enjoying your meal and drink times with your loved ones. Lighting fixtures impact the appeal of the room and thus, needs a careful and meticulous designing.

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